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Atwater Village Neighborhood Council Election Day!

Saturday at 10 AM – 4 PM

Atwater Village Branch - Los Angeles Public Library

3379 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90039

Is Fletcher Drive important to you but you don’t know who to vote for?

 AVNews has graded all candidates for the upcoming neighborhood council election on their views about the ongoing Fletcher Drive pedestrian safety improvements; grades range from “A” to “F.” (Click here to read more about the Fletcher Drive Road Diet)

  • “A” grade: the candidate strongly supports both pedestrian safety AND preserving all four vehicular traffic lanes. No road diets!

  • “B” grade: the candidate supports pedestrian safety improvements and is concerned about traffic congestion caused by road diets. Did not unequivocally commit to preserving all four traffic lanes on Fletcher Drive.

  • “C” grade: the candidate is open to partial road diet with some vehicular lane reduction to install left-hand turn lanes and supports pedestrian safety improvements.

  • “D” grade: the candidate is open to a partial or full road diet on Fletcher Drive and bike lanes throughout the neighbor and city.

  • “F” grade: the candidate is a total “road diet lover.” He or she supports reducing four traffic lanes to two, one for each way, and install bike lanes along Fletcher Drive. Traffic congestion be damned!

Atwater Village Neighborhood Council - 2019 Election Guide

At-Large Representative (select one) 

  • David MarcilloA (Vote for David!)

  • Julyanna Mendez – D (meh) 

North Atwater Representative (select four)

  • Mike BatistickA (Vote for Mike!)

  • Spike Friedman – No grade, has not taken a position (meh)

  • Jim Kane – C (meh)

  • Adam Wells – No grade, has not taken a position (meh)

  • Grace Santillano – B (Vote for Grace!)

  • Lonnie Colon – A (Vote for Lonnie!)

 Central Atwater Representative (select four)

  • Karen Knapp – A (Vote for Karen!)

  • Felicia Fasano – B (Vote for Felicia!)

  • Karen Barnett – A (Vote for Karen!)

  • Anthony Forester – A (Vote for Anthony!)

  • Johathan Matz – F (Hell f’ing no)

South Atwater Representative (select four)

  •  Josh Hertz – A (Vote for Josh!)

  • Courtney Morris – A (Vote for Courtney!)

  • Matthew Weil – A (Vote for Matthew!)

  • Timothy Jennings – A (Vote for Timothy!)

 Business Representative (select one)

  •  Nikki Parish – D (meh)

 Community Group/Non-Profit Representative (select one)

  •  Teresa Prindle – D (meh)

 Faith-Based Organization Representative (select one)

  •  Edward Alburo Morrissey – A (Vote for Edward!)

 Education Representative (select one)

  •  Monica Waggoner – A (Vote for Monica!)