Paul Pagnone - Business Rep.  (courtesy of the City of Los Angeles / DONE)

Paul Pagnone - Business Rep.  (courtesy of the City of Los Angeles / DONE)

At their first meeting Atwater's newly elected Neighborhood Council (AVNC) board appointed a small lot developer, Paul Pagnone, to its' Land Use Committee.  

The AVNC's Land Use Committee oversees issues related to housing, land use, zoning and general community planning. The Committee also evaluates land use proposals that require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) or Variance. CUPs / Variances are need when a land use proposal is not allowed as a matter of right and it is often used to circumvent existing zoning; such as an increase in housing density or converting job generating commercial/industrial land to residential use.

Pagnone has reportedly worked as a real estate broker, investor and developer for 29+ years. He also seems to be a big proponent of L.A.'s Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance. That ordinance allows in limited circumstances for the subdivision of a small residential or commercial lot for the construction of multiple, often higher density, homes.  

Just last November Pagnone presented to the AVNC a not-by-right proposal on behalf of Atwater Union LLC to build a new 11-unit small lot housing development in Atwater. Atwater Union LLC, a company based in the City of Glendale, has applied to convert a industrial  small lot on Casitas Ave into 11 “market-priced” residences. Despite opposition to the loss of viable industrial land by some businesses and Atwater's Chamber of Commerce the AVNC board voted to support the project.