The unofficial election results are in… 363 ballots were cast and the winners of the 2016 Atwater Village Neighborhood Council board election are:

North Atwater Resident Rep. (4 elected)

Mike Leiaghat, 200 votes (winner)
Lawrence Lee Hafetz, 187 votes (winner)
John Ciulik, 150 votes (winner)
John Bradley, 186 votes (winner)
Vat Tann, 71 votes

Central Atwater Resident Rep. (4 elected)

Damian Diaz, 69 votes
Jeff Yana, 136 votes (winner)
Jessie Yoo Goddard, 81
Karen Knapp, 209 votes (winner)
Weston Westenborg, 212 votes (winner)
Karen Barnett, 199 votes (winner)

South Atwater Resident Rep. (4 elected)

Erin O’Brien, 164 votes (winner)
Courtney Morris, 212 votes (winner)
Rueben Martinez, 175 votes (winner)
Matthew Weil, 149 votes (winner)
Phil Jones, 84 votes
Amy Allen, 116 votes

Business Rep. (1 elected )

Daniel Nava Palacios, 110 votes
Paul Pagnone, 174 votes (winner)

Non-Profit Group Rep. (1 elected)

Torin Dunnavant, 266 votes (winner)

Church/Religion Rep. (1 elected)

Edward Morrissey, 160 votes (winner)
Mario J. Cardenas, 92 votes
Matt Waggoner, 48 votes

School Rep. (1 elected)

Monica Waggoner, 267 votes (winner)

At-Large Rep. (1 elected)

Jit Dutta, 21 votes
Jody Rath, 29 votes
Andrew Macay, 153 votes (winner)
Diahanne Carolyn Payne, 59 votes
Paul Trinh, 47 votes