Atwater Village is special and in many ways its special because we’re an ethnically diverse community. Our community of over 15,000 villagers is so diverse that any two residents, chosen at random, are more likely to be of different ethnicities.  Yet this diversity, an exceptional characteristic of our neighborhood, is not mirrored in the current slate of candidates running for the May 14th Atwater Village Neighborhood Council (AVNC) board election. Click here for the current list of candidates.

Whites amount to only 22% of Atwater’s population; yet nearly all the candidates running to date for the board election are White. Only one candidate is Asian despite there being over 3,000 residents of Asian background. Latinos, who comprise over 51% of Atwater’s population, have not one candidate running. Also, there are no Filipino candidates running despite their notable neighborhood presence (12%). 

Atwater may end up with a one-sided neighborhood council were each board member votes on any given issue based on similar backgrounds, personal tastes and neighborhood experiences. Our ethnicity has a real impact on all these factors which help form our individual opinions on what is best for Atwater Village. As such, votes and resolutions on local issues from an inequitable neighborhood council will not reflect the prevailing sentiment from Atwater’s diverse community. This would not be good for Atwater Village. 

What can you do to help? 

If you are a diversity candidate then run for the May 14th AVNC board election. You can also help by recruiting other diversity candidates. 

The City of Los Angeles is accepting candidate filing forms thru March 15th.  Filing forms need to be received by or before the due date to qualify as a candidate.

There are 17 open seats on the AVNC’s governing board consisting of the following stakeholder categories: North Atwater Representative (4), Central Atwater Representative (4), South Atwater Representative (4), Business Representative (1), Non-Profit Representative (1), Education Representative (1), Faith-Based Organizations Representative (1) and At-Large Representative (1). All serve for a two year term. 

Candidate filings can be submitted online, click here for more information.