Paul Pagnone - Business Candidate  (courtesy of the City of Los Angeles / DONE)

Paul Pagnone - Business Candidate  (courtesy of the City of Los Angeles / DONE)

Meet Paul Pagnone. Local property owner, Glendale-based realtor, small lot housing proponent and business candidate for the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council (AVNC) board election. 

The AVNC will hold an election this year to select 17 neighborhood representatives to serve on its governing board. The board is composed of 17 elected positions in which one is reserved for a business candidate.  To qualify as business the candidates must be 16 years or older and have an ownership interest in, or is an employee or an agent of, a business located within Atwater Village.

Pagnone is one of two candidates to file for the business position. In his candidate statement he highlights personal and professional links to Atwater Village. He claims to have lived and worked in Atwater for 47 years, which includes operating his real-estate company, Pagnone Realty, Inc., for 32 years.  

However, according to California’s Bureau of Real Estate records Pagnone Realty appears to be based in the City of Glendale. The company’s office is listed as 201 W. Palmer Ave. The same address is also used for its corporate listing with the California Secretary of State, Pagnone’s individual realtor license and a business listing on Furthermore, a search in the City of Los Angeles Business Tax License database suggests that there is no business license issued to a “Pagnone Realty” in all of Los Angeles.  

Pagnone also seems to be an aficionado of L.A.’s Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance. The ordinance allows for a subdivision of a small residential or commercial lot for the construction of multiple, often higher density, homes. 

Atwater Union LLC, in which Pagnone is an acting member, is seeking to built a new 11-unit small lot housing development in Atwater. Atwater Union has applied to convert an industrial small lot on Casitas Ave into 11 “market-priced” residences. The lot (3450-60 Glendale Blvd) is currently zoned MR1-1 (Restricted Industrial Zone), a zoning with the specific purpose to preserve commercial land for light industrial uses to ensure the City’s employment base. The applicant seeks a zone change from manufacturing to commercial in an effort to employ and take advantage of the City’s Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance.

This past November Pagnone presented Atwater Union’s small lot housing proposal to the AVNC's governing board. Despite opposition to the loss of viable industrial land by some businesses and Atwater's Chamber of Commerce the AVNC board voted to support the project. 

Pagnone's full candidate statement:

I have lived and worked in Atwater Village for 47 years. Growing up in Atwater was truly a wonderful experience thanks to its wonderful diversity and strong neighborhood spirit. I operated Pagnone realty for 32 years on Glendale bl and my father did so before that. I currently own property and live in Atwater. I still go to Vince’s market for a ham and cheese sandwich once a week and walk in the LA river where I rode my bike as a child. In recent years many new people have arrived and added to the beautiful mosaic that is our little neighborhood. The business’ in the neighborhood are stronger and more vibrant than ever. I am committed to keeping Atwater strong and helping it get better and better. I have 32 years of experience in Real estate Sales, management, rehabilitation and development. i respectfully request your support for neighborhood council. Thank You